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C is for Computer

The wind has been blowing strongly and steadily all day long. And that means my allergies are all stirred up. With my watery eyes and stuffed nose, I decided to dose myself with the allergy medications and take the day off work. I probably could have stumbled along at work, but the drugs do make me feel like my brain has been turned into cotton.

With work off the table, I set myself to a couple of chores which didn't require too much concentration. One of these was to backup my portable USB drive to my home computer. I noticed that the backup from the 1TB portable drive was going to take up a massive amount of space on the 2TB drive in the tower, so I asked Steven if there was space inside the chassis for another drive. (After all, they're getting to be almost dirt cheap!) So, to answer that question, he opened up the computer to see whether there were any connections left on the disk controller. And, that was a perfect photo opportunity for today's A-to-Z challenge.

Not to drift too far from the food theme that has cropped up in the earlier posts, my other “C” word is “cranberries”. For lunch today, I ordered a Some Beach Salad at the Old West Cafe. It came without the dried cranberries on it, which I think is because when I ordered it with no croutons, the cook couldn't read the order as the waitress wrote it. Since they were busy, I didn't complain, but I did note that I had another “C” word for today.

Credits for digital scrapbooking supplies used in this layout:

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