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Reading in December

I took advantage of an overseas plane trip at the beginning of the month and a week's vacation at the end to simply bury myself in words. OK, so 9 of the books were sword and sorcery in Tamora Pierce's Tartall quartets. During November and December, I read 443 pages in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but simply found myself so bogged down that I finally set it aside to finish at a later date . . . or not.

This is the list of books completed in December — 20 out of the total 150 I read during the year. (Nice round numbers, hey?)

  1. Protector of the Small: Lady Knight
  2. Alanna: The First Adventure
  3. In the Hand of the Goddess
  4. The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
  5. Lioness Rampant
  6. Visions in Death
  7. Wild Magic
  8. Wolf-Speaker
  9. Emperor Mage
  10. The Realms of the Gods
  11. Split Second
  12. Three to Get Deadly
  13. The School Story
  14. Wise Child
  15. Ruby Holler
  16. Custard's Last Stand
  17. Other People's Children
  18. Tallahassee Higgins
  19. Artemis Fowl
  20. Four to Score
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