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P is for Procrastination

I am extremely skilled at procrastination. I've never understood anyone who plunges into a distasteful task to get it over quickly. I'm exactly the opposite. I stall and stall until it becomes obvious that I can't put it off any longer.

Why am I confessing about procrastinating? Surely it's because I'm having trouble keeping up with the A-to-Z Challenge this month. I didn't plan ahead and I couldn't pick a theme to use to tie the posts together, therefore each morning I'm faced with coming up with a word to use for that day's letter. Sometimes the day's activities lend themselves to a topic and a photo or two to illustrate it. But more often, the day is a boring repetition of many other days just like it. Today is just such a day. I worked. We ate three meals. I read a couple of chapters in the current book (The Myth of You & Me by Leah Stewart). We watched a couple of TV shows. Nothing particularly of interest and therefore not a source of a subject for blogging about. And therefore, I have procrastinated and it's nearing midnight before I sit down and create this blog post. Goodness knows what kind of a picture I can come up with to illustrate the day and its word.

Update on 24 April:

The two pictures I chose to use are of two projects which I have procrastinated in finishing. Paul & Heidi gave me a digital picture frame for Christmas in 2009. It sat powered off until February of this year when I finally got around to putting digital pictures onto an SD card to load it up. The other project is a afghan made from the block-a-month designs posted at the Ravelry online site. I now have 6 of the required 12 blocks finished and haven't picked up a crochet hook in more than 6 months.

Credits for supplies used in this layout: