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U is for Ugly

Although we're coming to the end of the alphabet, the remaining letters are just ugly and it's going to be difficult to come up with a focal word, much less a scrapbook page. I mean—how do you illustrate “ugly”? And what word will I ever come up with for “X”?

I suppose there were other options. I could have chosen “uncle” since both of my sons are now uncles as well as fathers. Or “umbrella”, given the storms we had in our part of Texas over the weekend. (Though I do have to admit that I hate umbrellas and generally won't carry one.)

Or how about “undecided”? If I think that “ugly” is going to be difficult to illustrate, how would I ever come up with something for “undecided”? But then again, maybe “undecided” wouldn't be any harder than “procrastination”.

I've left this post until rather late again tonight and I haven't decided what kind of image I'll use on my scrapbook page. I'm teaching a workshop this week in DC, so I need to shut down my PC and get to bed. I'll think about “ugly” along with tomorrow's “V” post and make an update sometime tomorrow.

Update: 27 April

Credits for digital scrapbooking supplies used in this layout:

  • Template by Kim Hollibone, Kim's BRAG A-Z PSD purchased from
  • Papers by Willow Grace Designs from the Help Haiti Collaboration Charity Kit purchased from Digitals and by Jacque Larsen and Tracey Monette from kits supplied as part of The Digi Files #27 and #28 (TDD#27 and TDD#28) purchased from the Daily digi.
  • Alphabets (some resized and/or recolored) by Jacque Larsen and 9th & Bloom purchased as part of The Digi Files #28 (TDF#27) from the Daily digi.
  • Additional alphabets (some resized and/or recolored) by Penny Springmann and Karen Lewis DesignZ purchased as part of The Digi Files #27 (TDF#27) from the Daily digi.
Tags: a-to-z challenge

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