gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Tuscaloosa Family -- what we've heard so far

I would imagine that telephone and Internet communication is significantly affected by the tornado that went through Tuscaloosa yesterday. I didn't hear about the storm until this morning—I confess to not watching the news unless Steven is around! So as soon as I heard about all the damage, I got onto Facebook and left a message or two for my cousins who live in Northport, just outside of Tuscaloosa. I've now seen a message from Kevin and he says his family is fine. The good news is that they do have a house to go home to when they are able to leave the shelter. I suppose the bad news is that they are in the shelter. He didn't say why, but I suspect it may be a combination of blocked roads and power lines being down.

I've asked about the other family members in the area and hope to hear something about them soon. Aunt Evelyn is my mother's oldest sister and the sole living relative in that generation. I'm hoping that she and her house came through all right.

If I had only thought about it, I suppose my “W” word could have been “weather”—what with the storms I left behind in Texas and those which rolled into Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia yesterday.

I'm sitting here in the Dulles Airport (Washington, DC), waiting for my flight home to Texas. There's a large bank of grey clouds approaching the airport, and I'm really hoping that the weather doesn't get bad enough to delay or cancel flights.

Everyone take care. Hunker down or get to a safe location if the storms approach you.


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