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Week In The Life: 2011 - Day 3

July 27: Grandma's Birthday. San Francisco, CA

The number of photos that I'm taking keep going down day by day! On Monday I took 150 photos, 55 on Tuesday, and only 40 today. One explanation is that many of the photos from Monday were taken out the window of the airplane as I flew from Dallas to San Francisco. Another is that during the working day, I was just too busy with the job responsibilities to stop and take pictures. At the very least, I have photos of my meals!.

My day started pretty early on Wednesday. The first time I looked at the alarm clock it read 4:54, but I rolled over to go back to sleep for a while. When I did crawl out from under the covers and grab my camera, it was approaching 6am.

Once I was dressed for the day, I spent a little bit of time on the computer to check my e-mail and read the Week In The Life forums at Big Picture Classes. I decided to take the day's self-portrait right there in my hotel room, so I quickly snapped that picture and then packed up my PC and headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

For breakfast, I decided to go quite unconventional and eat the Asian-style dishes that were on the buffet. I dished up a small bowl of Congee—a rice porridge which looks a lot like grits. And then I chose a noodle stir fry, steamed salmon, and a Chinese bun to finish out the meal. I planned to make a morning snack out of some fruit from the buffet at work later in the morning.

After breakfast, I took a taxi to the IBM office at 425 Market Street. With my camera at the ready, I snapped a picture of the sign at the entrance of the building and some flowers that were planted in the front courtyard, and then went up the elevator to the 20th floor where our workshop was being held.

I unpacked my laptop, connected to the network, and checked my e-mail. By then, it was time to start the morning lectures, and it was my turn to be the teacher. I left my camera in the back of the room and my co-worker was kind enough to take a couple of pictures of me to add to my Week In The Life blog entries and scrapbook pages.

At lunch, I filled my plate with lots of salad and a small turkey sandwich with blueberry jam. That was an interesting combination and one that I wouldn't have thought of—though I've had many turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and blueberries aren't all that different.

As far as photos go, that was it until dinner time. I was able to get away from the office just before 7pm, and I asked the taxi driver to take me to Cafe Mason on Mason Street, just a half-block away from the Hilton. I pondered over the menu for quite some time before finally deciding to get the pumpkin soup and veggie quesadillas. The soup was wonderful, but the quesadillas were soggy.

That was it. I walked from the restaurant to the Hilton, stopping at the convenience store to pick up a couple of Diet Cokes to get me through the evening. I was so tired by the time I got back to the room—I did go online for a little while to see how other people were doing with their Week In The Life projects. But, I was so tired that I didn't take the time to upload my photos or create the day's blog post. That's why I'm writing this on Friday afternoon as I catch up.


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