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Week In The Life: 2011 - Day 4

July 28. San Francisco, CA and Sanger, TX.

If you have been reading my blog posts for the past couple of days, you're aware that I'm participating in this year's Week In The Life project organized by Ali Edwards. Scrapbookers around the world are participating by documenting the happenings in their lives during this week.

Like many of the other participants I was approaching this as a project to record the “ordinary” and “everyday” activities. But, I realized that that the project had validity whether this week was ordinary or quite “extraordinary”. Some people questioned whether they should choose another week to document because something happened to make their week stand out. While my week is much like others this year, it's certainly not “boring”. I asked my kids to help by taking pictures of their activities this week, and I suggested that they try to take pictures of the things that they'd never consider as worthy of being recorded in photographs. I can't wait to catch up with them this weekend to see if they have pictures to share with me.

I didn't get up as early on Thursday as I had on Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact, I had turned in rather early on Wednesday evening and should have awakened plenty early, but instead I was feeling sluggish and stayed in bed until the very last minute. Once up and dressed, I had to pack my suitcase and check out of the hotel.

Because I slept in and had to take care of packing and checking out, I didn't have time to eat breakfast at the hotel. I didn't worry about that though, since the caterer had been delivering plenty of fresh fruit and muffins each morning and I was sure that I'd find enough to eat after I arrived at the office. I was really pleased to discover that in addition to the fruit and muffins, we had mini-quiche, so I was able to fix myself a very healthy breakfast.

Thursday was much like Wednesday—I delivered two lectures, assisted the students with their lab exercises, talked with customers and colleagues about various software projects, and even found time to answer a large portion of the e-mails that I received during the day. What I didn't find time to do was to spend any time working on my Week In The Life project.

Lunch was just as excellent as the other days this week. I was able to fill my plate with lots of salad and I even picked up a small vegetarian sandwich.

Throughout the day, I kept a Diet Coke handy as I took care of various tasks via my laptop.

By mid-afternoon, the majority of our students had departed and I slipped away to the Ladies' Room to take a picture of myself in the full-length mirror.

We headed down to the street around 3:45 and proceeded to look for a taxi. There were very few of them going by and those which did already had a passenger in them. Just as we were about to get anxious about being late to check in at the airport, a taxi saw us and pulled over to pick us up. We got to SFO in plenty of time to not only check in, but to get a sandwich before we had to board our flight.

I took a couple of pictures in the airport and had thought I'd take some out the windows while we were in the air. But, I was in an aisle seat and it just wasn't possible to get close enough to a window to take a picture.

Our trip home was totally uneventful and I spent the time reading. I read the last 160 pages of Predator by Patricia Cornwell. This was the fourteenth book in her mystery series starring forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta. I have read the thirteen earlier books, but it had been several years since I had read any books in this series. I'm sure that's primarily because the plots are quite dark and the bad guys are truly evil. I had to psych myself up to get started in Predator, and a couple of times I considered abandoning it, but I'm glad that I kept with it. I felt a lot of satisfaction when I reached the end of the book—unfortunately the book just abruptly ended rather than coming to a firm conclusion. Fortunately, I have a copy of the next book in the series, Book of the Dead somewhere in my To-Be-Read bookstacks. After finishing Predator, I started reading Deadly Gamble by Connie Shelton, another mystery but one that falls into the “cozy” category.

Hubby picked me up at the airport and drove us home, stopping at Wendy's to get a grilled chicken sandwich since I was really hungry. As soon as I got home, I logged onto the Internet to check out what was going on. Even though it was after midnight, I turned on the DVR and watched the episode of Royal Pains that Steven had recorded for me. Finally, having wound down and tired myself out, I went to bed.


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