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Week In The Life: 2011 - Day 6

July 30: Paul's Birthday. Sanger, TX.

When I saw the dates that Ali Edwards had picked for this year's Week In The Life project, I was very happy because the week covered Paul's and Jaime's birthdays. On Saturday, 30 July, Paul turned 30 years old. Before I headed out of town, I had checked with Paul to see if we could get together for lunch to celebrate his 30th birthday. When Paul decided that he and Heidi—and Victoria—would come up to our house, Steven invited his parents to join us as well.

When we woke up, it was already very hot outside. Our weather station was reporting a temperature of 90.6° at 8:39 and less than two hours later, the temperature had gone up to 95.3°. According to the weather reports, Saturday was the coolest day of the week, with the temperature going just a bit over 100° at mid-afternoon.

After spending some time on the computer checking my mail, Facebook, Twitter, and the WITL forums at Big Picture Classes, I headed back to my bedroom to shower and get ready to go out to lunch. I even took some time to slip back into the bed and read for a little while.

I stepped on the scales to see how my weight was doing and I was very glad to see that I'm holding quite steadily at 205 pounds. That is still a lot more than I want to weigh, but given that I lost 50 pounds in 2009 and I haven't regained it, I'm thrilled. And I have managed the weight loss and maintenance without going on a diet.

Steven's parents arrived shortly before noon. Jaime was just a little bit behind them, and Paul arrived around 12:20. We all sat around in the living room and visited with each other—and took a bunch of pictures—before we headed out to lunch.

With eight of us going out to lunch, we took two cars to Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant in Valley View.

We started the meal with fresh guacamole made right there at the table, chips and salsa. Our meals came pretty quickly and we proceeded to chow down. I was so busy taking pictures of Victoria that I totally forgot to take pictures of the food.

Since we were celebrating three birthdays—Grandma turned 88 on the 27th, Paul turned 30 on the 30th, and Jaime is turning 28 on the 31st—I did work my way around the table taking everyone's picture.

And so that I wasn't left out, Jaime snapped a picture of me as I was calculating the tip at the end of the meal:

After lunch, we returned to my house for a bit more visiting. Steven and his dad gathered around the computer so Steven could teach his dad how to use a thumb drive:

By 3pm, everyone was leaving the house. Paul's birthday present was a new computer that his Dad had built for him. He commented that the timing was excellent because the video card in his old computer had just failed. Although his original intention was to have Steven take the new computer to Paul's new apartment after they moved next weekend, he needed it right away, so the small tower was slipped into the backseat of the car next to Victoria's car seat.

We did nothing more the rest of the afternoon. I spent some time on the computer and reading. Steven had something playing on the TV, but I didn't bother to write down anything about the shows and by now I can't even remember what was on. After such a large lunch, we decided to just go get some ice cream for supper. We headed out about 18:30 and stopped by the Post Office to pick up our mail. I noticed that someone had mowed and baled the field behind the Post Office, so I stepped out to take a picture of that to add to my WITL album.

Dinner was at Braum's in Denton. Steven got his usual banana fudge sundae made with cherry, pecan and cream ice cream. I decided to get a simple chocolate sundae made with cappuccino chocolate chunk ice cream. It was wonderful!

As we exited Braum's, I decided to take a picture of the sign and the Race Trac gas station next door. Steven said we didn't need gas and I figured I wouldn't wind up with any photos at the pump, so this photo would serve as documentation on the price of gasoline.


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