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Week In The Life: 2011 - Day 7

July 31: Jaime's Birthday. Sanger, TX

On Saturday, we celebrated the July birthdays with lunch at Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant. Most of us were there—except Ben and his family since he had to work on Saturday. When everyone left my house, Jaime and I made plans for her to come over on Sunday so we could hang out together and celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead, she spent the day kicking back at her house. And I did pretty much the same thing at my house.

The first time I picked up my camera was just before noon when I took a picture of the weather station. It's still HOT here.

I also snapped two quick shots of our lazy Sunday: we were watching a marathon of The Glades on A&E; Steven had propped his feet on the ottoman.

We decided to go to lunch at Chinatown Cafe in Denton. That's one of my favorite places, particularly because they have pretty decent nigirizushi and makizushi. I insist on cooked fish in my sushi so that means I conbcentrate on the shrimp and crab varieties.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I decided to use the large mirror at their entrance to take another of the almost daily self-portraits. Note that although the temperature continues to exceed 100 each day, I am wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and carrying a sweater to keep from freezing in the air conditioning in most stores and restaurants. It actually feels good to step out into the heat after I've gotten so chilled.

On the trip home, we noticed lots of large clouds in the sky. Sure wish that they brought rain, but they didn't even do much to lower the blazing hot temperatures.

Returning home, we settled back into our individual entertainments. Steven watched the racing on TV, and I continued to read Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters and putzed about on the computer—adding Saturday's photos to this blog before we went to get some supper.

When the races were over, we ran out to McAlister's Deli for dinner. Steven ordered a toasted club sandwich and I chose a large salad. After dinner, Steven decided to fill the gas tank, even though the tank was still well over 1/3 full.

That's the last of the photos from my participation in the Week In The Life project, 2011. Now that I've posted the final day's info here on the blog, it's time to start working on layouts and the album. I have the journaling cards I printed off and I need to start filling those out from the notes I took, the forum posts I made, and of course the words from this blog. I didn't collect much “stuff” to add to my album, but I do have a couple of receipts and my boarding passes from the flights. I also kept the keycard from my hotel room! I hope to pick up some pictures from the kids. I'd like to include their activities as well as mine when I put the album together.

It's been fun! Thanks to Ali Edwards for thinking of the project and providing her suggestions on how to go about recording and preserving the memories. And thanks to Big Picture Classes for setting up a forum and gallery—with no charges—where I could hang out with the community of scrapbookers who shared their experiences.


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