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It's hot!

Spurred on by the Week In The Life project, one picture that I took over and over was of the weather station in our family room. Steven bought an atomic clock for me several years ago and set it up so it was easily visible and I would stop asking him what time it was. (I wasn't wearing a watch much of the time.) But it also includes weather information reporting the temperature outside—captured on a sensor Steven mounted on the front porch—along with the indoor temperature and the relative humidity. For the past 10 days, I just can't get over the extreme temperatures being displayed.

At first, I took a picture of the weather station just to record the start of my week as I packed my suitcase and headed out to the airport. But when I returned from San Francisco and was plunged into this excessive heat, I started taking the “gee whiz” photos because I just couldn't get over how hot it really is.

Ben took a picture of a sensor reading the temperature radiating from the pavement at the Kwik Kar center where he works. Yes, that does say 154 degrees. He and his staff are really feeling the heat. The service bays are not air conditioned, but fortunately they are covered so the guys are working in the “shade” instead of standing out in the unremitting sun.

The local TV station even went out to the Texas Motor Speedway and tested whether it was truly hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. With the help of a local chef, they fried an egg and bacon and even cooked pancakes on the asphalt of the racetrack. They also made “dashboard cookies” by spooning out cookie batter onto a metal sheet and shutting it up into the closed car.

Yesterday was the official record high for the summer, getting up to 110 degrees. Today's official 109 was the record high for August 3, and this morning marked the record (highest) minimum temperature when it barely dipped below 90 degrees overnight.

So, here are the photos:

In case you couldn't tell exactly what the temperatures and times were:

81.3 —— 25 Jul, 06:27
93.0 —— 29 Jul, 22:01
90.6 —— 30 Jul, 08:39
95.3 —— 30 Jul, 10:22
105.6 —— 31 Jul, 12:06
102.2 —— 31 Jul, 14:34
112.2 —— 2 Aug, 11:35
111.2 —— 3 Aug, 15:03

And I'll close with a photo of the 7-day forecast from our local NBC station:


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