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Gluebook pages for 31 January

Give us the glue and no one gets hurt. I had the urge to put together a message in ransom style lettering, so what better message than a ransom message.

The border for this journal page came from a magazine ad for a Persian carpet. After I cut away all of the advertising information from the center, I knew that it would make a delicious frame for a page of journaling. This prompt came from Wire Woman on the Purple Ink group at Yahoo! She chose the journalling prompts for the first week of January and modelled them after the lists found in the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon.

These borders came from a similar advertisement. I like this idea of cutting out attractive frames from magazines to fit around the text. 


Very cool! Now, what is a gluebook? I scrapbook...and this looks very similar.

I adore the ransom note!


At our Gluebooks group at Yahoo!, Lisa states, "Gluebooks are a cross between art journals and collage. Collect the paper fallout from your daily life, and turn it into art! This group is for people interested in discussing gluebooks, sharing their work, and finding others who are interested in exchanging books." You can check it out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gluebooks/

I bounce around a bit in my journalling. I write (intermittently), I glue, and sometimes I even try to sketch. I'm more likely to stick 'memorabilia' into my book instead of creating a more 'artful' page as some of the members of the group do.

I like the "List" - Although I disagree with chocolate, I completely agree regarding the books!!! This was a neat border you found, too! Thanks for sharing.