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30 Days of Lists - Day 2

Over at the 30 Days of Lists site, there have been two events. The first one was in March 2011 and all 30 prompts are online. The second was in September 2011 and was run through a private blog. I'm going to be using a mixture of prompts from the two events for my November lists project, selecting the prompt based on relevance as well as my mood.

List 2: A few things about me.

I am a:

  • Wife
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Reader
  • Avid Reader
  • Constant Reader
  • List Maker
  • Procrastinator
  • Crafter
  • Digital Scrapbooker
  • Tourist
  • Wannabee Photographer
  • Occasional Blogger
  • Computer geek
  • Mainframer
  • Former elementary teacher

I like:

  • Reading
  • Playing solitaire
  • Eating, particularly Indian food
  • Watching television
  • CICS
Tags: 30_days_of_lists, nablopomo

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