gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Missing Tweets - January 22-28

  • Mon, 10:34: On the plane. Heading to Toronto. Hope it's mild rather than freezing.
  • Mon, 14:39: Landed in Toronto. Taxiing to gate. Must clear immigration and customs.
  • Tues, 13:06: Can't get internet services on my Blackberry here in Canada. Don't know if it's a restriction of my plan or what. Sure is quiet w/out pi ...
  • Tues, 13:07: Twitter abbreviated my message - Sure is quiet w/out pings from FB.
  • Wed, 18:26: Having Indian food w/ Kaamil. Yummy.
  • Thur, 07:03: Early departure from the hotel to drive downtown to the #IBM System z Summit
  • Wed, 17:57: On the plane. About to turn off my phone. 3 hours + some & then will be @ DFW
  • Fri, 12:22: It's Friday and I'm #reading Relic by Preston & Childs. Reporting in to the #fridayreads gang.

  • My tweets

    Mon, 09:43: And I’m waiting until kids return to schools.

  • My tweets

    Mon, 15:14: I'm starting this book tomorrow. The blurb is appealing and I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples' opinions……

  • Week 2 -- Tuesday and Wednesday

    Tuesday, 8 January When we were cleaning out my father-in-laws apartment, I brought all the food that was fit to eat to my house. I just put his…

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