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Menu Plan - May 7-12, 2012

Since I am scheduled to be home all week, I decided that we could practice frugality by eating at home instead of going out to restaurants. By cooking from the freezer and eating up some of the food that I have stored away, we shouldn't have to spend much money on anything other than dairy and fresh fruits/veggies. Besides, I need to make some room in my freezer for all the fresh veggies and fruits which will soon start showing up in the local farmer's markets. And this year I want to visit the local blackberry farm which will open for “You-Pick” on June 1. I'd love to sock away several quarts of blackberries for the fall & winter.

Since our schedule can change with very little notice, I like to be as flexible as possible with my menu plan. Therefore I try to alternate meals which have fresh ingredients with those whose ingredients won't suffer from a delay in execution. That gives me the option of shifting things around if I need to.

These are the evening meals that I've planned:

Monday: 7 May
-- Ham loaf with roasted potatoes and steamed spinach

Tuesday: 8 May
-- roasted chicken breasts with brown rice and fresh green beans

Wednesday: 9 May
-- Crock-pot chili over rice with green salad

Thursday: 10 May
-- Pizza ring with a green salad

Friday: 11 May
-- Chicken noodle soup (or chicken & dumplings)

Saturday: 12 May
-- eat out -- it's my birthday!

Breakfasts and lunches are more unorganized. Hubby and I tend to fix our own breakfasts. He's likely to fix a bowl of cereal (Cheerios or raisin bran), some oatmeal, or just grab a banana, while I tend toward cottage cheese with fruit (usually blueberries) or oatmeal. If we want eggs, we'll head down to the local diner. Lunches are often made from left-overs. For example, I'm sure we'll make ham sandwiches later this week with some of the left-over ham loaf. And hubby is terribly fond of PBJ.

I also don't plan desserts. Many meals we don't have dessert at all or we will eat some fresh fruit for dessert. I picked up a pint of blackberries at the farmer's market on Saturday, so I'm thinking a quick blackberry buckle will be a good idea. We also brought home some Ghirardelli chocolate from our recent trip to San Francisco, and a small square of that can satisfy the sweet tooth.

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