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Menu Plan Monday - July 23-29, 2012

This is one of the rare weeks when I'm at home instead of traveling, so I'm making yet another attempt to prepare as many meals as possible at home instead of eating out. I'm not making specific plans for breakfasts and lunches. We have plenty on hand to cobble together something each day. It's easy enough to fix a sandwich, salad, and/or soup for lunch. I even have some individual servings such as mini-meatloaves stored away in the freezer. Breakfast is very easy to come up with as well. I'm particularly fond of blueberries with cottage cheese and hubby is often happy with just a banana or cereal and milk. Other options are oatmeal, yogurt with fresh fruit or muffins. I've got banana muffins in the freezer ad I plan to make corn muffins on Thursday, so the extras will be available for breakfast until they are gone.

These are the evening meals that I've planned:

Monday: 23 July
-- Grilled chicken breasts, sugar snap peas, and carrot sticks

Tuesday: 24 July
-- Mac & cheese with ham & peas, carrot and raisin salad

Wednesady: 25 July
-- Burgers with the trimmings and sweet potato fries

Thursday: 26 July
-- Kielbasa, corny muffins, and broccoli

Friday: 27 July
-- YOYO (you're on your own)

Saturday: 28 July
-- Eating out after babysitting

Sunday: 29 July
-- Birthday dinner for P & J

These are pretty much basic dishes—no recipes needed. I do plan to make a loaf of lemon blueberry bread to use up some of the blueberries that hubby brought home, and I'm thinking a carrot and cranberry salad might be good with the mac & cheese tomorrow night. I'll post recipes later.

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