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Menu Plan Monday - October 8-12, 2012

For the second week in a row, I'm posting my menu for the week. I'm “sort of” in town this week in that I'm not getting onto an airplane and I'll be sleeping in my own bed. But I do have to commute into the Dallas office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to conduct a workshop. That means leaving home early in the morning and getting home pretty late. Hubby will cook a couple of nights—he makes the best spaghetti—and I'll prepare some dishes ahead that he can finish cooking while I'm on the hour-long drive home.

Monday: 8 October
-- roasted pumpkin soup, chicken quesadillas

Tuesday: 9 October
-- spaghetti, green beans, garlic toast

Wednesday: 10 October
-- crock-pot chicken, rice, peas and carrots

Thursday: 11 October
-- pulled pork, wheat buns, cole slaw

Friday: 12 October
-- beef burgers with feta, brown rice, broccoli

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