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Potpourri, miscellany, and mélange

12 May
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I am an unrepentant gobbler of books. I never sip. I gulp. I break off huge chunks, chew briefly, and swallow as fast as I can. I read in excess of 100 books a year -- 99.999% fiction. Yes, some are juvenile fiction and don't take as long as the typical adult fiction novel. I buy lots of books, mostly in brick & mortar stores because they browse more easily than online stores. Two years ago I made a promise to my hubby to get more of my reading from the library and reduce the number of books I was buying. Recently, I joined BookObsessed and resumed swapping books. Hubby considers this a reasonable alternative.

About my library: I own (and keep) mostly science fiction and mystery novels. I get rid of a lot of books through BookCrossing, BookObsessed, and RAKs to friends. Some, however, are keepers. I share mysteries and contemporary fiction with my mother-in-law and mysteries with my daughter. Unfortunately, no-one nearby is a reader of science fiction.